Pray for People’s Requests

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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
family0April 3, 2020Details
Heal Our World1March 31, 2020Details
Untitled3March 28, 2020Details
Please Pray for Kathy 5March 25, 2020Details
Prayers for health3March 5, 2020Details
Prayer for Victims of apartment fire3March 5, 2020Details
Bill4February 8, 2020Details
Andrew6February 8, 2020Details
Healing prayers5January 24, 2020Details
Healing4January 23, 2020Details
Chris, a35 year old diagnosed with ALS3January 22, 2020Details
Healing3January 19, 2020Details
Untitled5January 19, 2020Details
urgent6January 5, 2020Details
Baby7November 28, 2019Details
Healing24November 17, 2019Details
Healing prayers31November 16, 2019Details
Untitled2November 12, 2019Details
Prayers needed!15October 31, 2019Details
Prayers for Healing6October 30, 2019Details
Praying for a miracle94October 18, 2019Details
Recovery44October 8, 2019Details
Moving to area and buying home4October 1, 2019Details
Untitled13September 4, 2019Details


pray for my family will have a safe and good night and good night sleep.pray for my marriage and family pray for covid 19 goes away. pray for Michele who has to have heart transplant

Heal Our World

Please join me in praying for the medical and essential employees, the patients, families and all of us in the midst of this pandemic. Pray for our priests. Pray for our health.


For Kathy, Billy, Pat and all sick

Please Pray for Kathy

Richard Von Schlichten
My sister-in-law is undergoing some severe medical issues and is currently in Conemaugh. Please pray that she will get well soon and be able to return home

Prayers for health

Several parish friends are facing serious health concerns. Please Father send them healing grace and strength.

Prayer for Victims of apartment fire

Today a friends's daughter lost her apartment and belongings in a fire. Her roommate is recovering from smoke inhalation. We give thanks that both young women survived and pray for physical and emotional recovery. Thank you


Emilie Polenik
Just got results that he has malignant tumor on his lung. Please pray for healing.


Emilie Polenik
Cancer returned in December. Undergoing some tests and treatment. Please pray for him and his family.

Healing prayers

Prayers for Carmen that they find the cause of her illness. Prayers she recovers fully.


Emilie Polenik
That Joe may find answers to his recent prostate CA diagnosis. And please send healing.

Chris, a35 year old diagnosed with ALS

Chris, a35 year old dad of 3 diagnosed with ALS


Emilie Polenik
For a young woman who was hit by a car and has a severely broken leg that she may recover fully.


Emilie Polenik
For a friend who is undergoing treatment for several issues including a brain bleed and uterine CA, that she may find healing though God's grace.


Jil jingle
very urgent prayers requested for an immediate financial blessing. Praise the lord


Emilie Polenik
Matt and Jessie are expecting. Their first ultrasound showed an abnormality. Please pray for health of baby and parents


Emilie Polenik
For Chach, that her doctors can help her keep her port open so she can succeed with dialysis.

Healing prayers

Prayers for Mrs. Bridget Byrne as she is being treated for cancer. Prayers for her family. Prayers for the medical team.


pray for my family will have a safe and good day. prayfor my marriage and family pray for Aiden,Tom,Gary,Ryan behaves. pray for Liz and Scott marriage and family pray for Tom and Alysha marriage and family pray for Mary and Nate marriage and family pray for Ryan and Kylie. pray for Ryan conversion,health,grades,jobs,finds good spouse and does well in college. pray for we wear the right clothes for family photo

Prayers needed!

Suzie Catanese
Please pray for Brooklyn B., a three-year old who is battling cancer.

Prayers for Healing

Please add Susie Brett & Family to the prayer chain.

Praying for a miracle

Prayers for Brenda... That her cancer stops growing... May God watch over her.


Emilie Polenik
Please pray for Brian Skelly, who was injured in a fall and has a long recovery ahead.

Moving to area and buying home

Dear Father, Currently my family and I live in Largo, Fl and my house is up for sale. We have found a home on Sell St. that we would like to purchase. We have not yet found someone to buy our home and are saddened by this because we thought that we would be moving by this time back to PA. Will you please add our request to your prayer list? Many thanks and hope to be a parishioner of your parish soon. We need a miracle. We have faith, but at times our spirits are down because we don't seem to be getting any closer to our wish of being back in PA. Please say a prayer for us. Thanks and God bless. Barbara Daniels


anon anon
For Bernadette facing hip surgery today to repair broken hip, Don in hospice, short time left, Jim and successful heart procedure and healing of cancer. Suzies cancer treatments . End abortion
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.