Pray for People’s Requests

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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Safe Travel1May 27, 2018Details
Ken and Al1May 23, 2018Details
Loretta7May 4, 2018Details
Donna Skelly13April 28, 2018Details
Surgery15April 24, 2018Details
Baby Michael14April 24, 2018Details
Patrick18March 3, 2018Details
Emma15March 3, 2018Details
Baby in ICU17February 3, 2018Details
Healing for16January 23, 2018Details
Stephanie17January 20, 2018Details
that my wife is healed from the cancer16January 20, 2018Details
so surgery goes well12January 20, 2018Details
Noah13January 14, 2018Details
Breast Cancer15December 20, 2017Details
Marleen M.17December 10, 2017Details
Marlene16December 3, 2017Details
For healing13November 30, 2017Details
For strength12November 30, 2017Details
Lloyd11November 28, 2017Details
Mike12November 13, 2017Details
Prayers with Love11November 9, 2017Details
Cancer Diagnosis12November 2, 2017Details
Carol14October 27, 2017Details
Prayers for Flo16October 8, 2017Details
Joel Rivera11September 6, 2017Details
Vivian11August 23, 2017Details
Tim Beam12August 2, 2017Details
Healing for cancer.11August 2, 2017Details
Prayers needed14July 21, 2017Details
Depression and Anxiety15July 20, 2017Details

Safe Travel

Safe travel for an upcoming trip.

Ken and Al

anon anon
Al for healing, Ken good test results.


Various health issues. She is at Cleveland Clinic going through all kinds of tests and treatments, with more issues each day. Thank you.

Donna Skelly

Judie McAteer
Donna is in ICU at Highland Regional Medical Center. She is being treated for a massive unknown infection.


Please pray for Eileen who is having surgery on her spleen today.

Baby Michael

anon anon
Please pray for Baby Michael who was born last Saturday. He is having a lung problem. Prayers!!!


Emilie Polenik
Patrick just had an emergency appendectomy this evening. Please pray for his recovery.


Emilie anon
Emma will be having aortic valve replacement surgery on March 14. Please pray for successful surgery and great recovery.

Baby in ICU

Debbie Rullman
Please pray for little Marion....only 2 1/2 months old....virus.

Healing for

Mike, Noah, Karen, Ken, John, Stephen


Emilie Polenik
Stephanie lost her twin sister last night to breast cancer. Please remember them, as well as their families, in your prayers.

that my wife is healed from the cancer

The Lords Prayer

so surgery goes well



Emilie Polenik
I ask for prayers for Noah Rose, his family, and all the medical professionals involved in his care. Noah has been in Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh since being struck with an object which came through the windshield of his vehicle. His friends should be included as well as they are also in need of God's loving embrace and assurance of His help in their friend's situation.

Breast Cancer

anon anon
Please pray for Lisa who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Marleen M.

Mary Jane Kleinosky
Please pray for Marleen. Her mother and older brother died within four days of each other and she needs help with her grief. Thanks.


Emilie Polenik
My aunt will be going through double bypass surgery on Monday. She has only 1 kidney, so the risk is a little greater for her. Prayers for her, the family, and the surgical team would be appreciated.

For healing

Mary C
For McKenzie C. For relief and healing from depression

For strength

Mary C
For Tracy C. For strength during family crisis


Emilie Polenik
Dealing with cancer. Still undergoing some tests. Please pray for healing.


Prayers for successful brain surgery and recovery.

Prayers with Love

Amanda Marie Dennis
Prayer request for Amanda Marie Dennis 27 yrs old in hospital with 8 yr old son Jadon Michael kalp with same condition please pray during these tough times and my caretaker who goes above and beyond even when im in hospital is Denise Lynn mastro 60 yrs old and waylon Dennis and Haley Briggs

Cancer Diagnosis

anon anon
Please pray for Marlene who was just diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.


anon anon
Please pray for healing from a car accident.

Prayers for Flo

Please pray for our mother, Florence Bischof. She lost her husband back in April, and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She will undergo a lumpectomy followed by radiation.

Joel Rivera

anon anon
No more bad dreams, only good dreams.


Prayers for successful brain surgery and recovery.

Tim Beam

I am asking for prayers for an old friend who is dealing with cancer. I ask that his cancer treatment brings about a cure for him.

Healing for cancer.

I am asking for prayers of healing while undergoing treatment for cancer.

Prayers needed

Please pray for my friend, T.S., who is having heart problems. Please pray for healing.

Depression and Anxiety

Please pray for the relief of depression and chronic anxiety for those suffering from these conditions.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.